Help the Sports Pad have a longer ice season!

The Buckhorn Sports Pad committee is looking for support from the public so they may engage the township for the installation of an underground cooling system for the hockey rink.  The committee would like to approach the townships council in the summer of 2020 with a proposal for fundraising, request the township to contribute to the project and to discuss grant applications to the provincial and federal governments.

The scope of the project would be to remove the current concrete pad, install a cooling system and pour a new concrete pad.

Over the past few years we keep experiencing a shorter and shorter ice skating season.  In 2017 we lost 2.5 weeks from the previous year.  Last year (2018) we lost 4.5 weeks from the previous year.  A natural outside rink must have consistently sub zero temperatures. The consistently cold temperatures needed keeps decreasing. We are at a point where we only have approximately 8 weeks of ice a year.  It is a very short season for the huge amount of hours the volunteers put in to create and maintain the ice.  We could possibly offer ice from late November through mid March!

A cooling system will double the season from less than 2 months to 4 months!

If you support this project, please enter your name and email address below.  It will be added to our list of supporters when we present the project to Trent Lakes council.

I support an ice rink Chiller Systems

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The Buckhorn Sports Pad is owned by the Township of Trent Lakes on land leased at the Buckhorn Community Centre.